Corporate Training


Corporate Training is one of PCTI’s key area of expertise. PCTI, being a leader in the training and education sector, has conducted various training’s in multiple industries in the last two decades for multiple groups of professionals.

PCTI is well-versed with all professional training requirements in industries. We provide customized training programs as per the requirement of industries. We deliver intensive training with experienced and professionally qualified trainers on the latest technologies in various domains. We are committed to empowering the trainees with the latest skills.


Some of our key features include:

  • Highly experienced and professionally certified Instructors/Trainers
  • Updated courses to keep participants abreast of developments in the industry
  • Experience in designing customized technical training to generate measurable results
  • Extensive infrastructure available for conducting the training


PCTI’s step-by-step approach provides perfect solutions to all training related needs:

  • Understanding Client Needs:
      • Need Diagnostic Study and Domain Understanding is our priority
      • Need understanding is our foremost step in the business to delight the customer
  • Development Process:
      • Customized training modules based on the exact requirement of the client provide us with the competitive edge and gratification in business
      • Serving our best is the crucial role at this stage
  • Workshop Conduction:
      • Practical workshop with all the high-end equipment to make training more impactful
      • Facilitate all activity with the approach of Experiential Learning with the complete involvement of all the participants.
  • Leaders’ Mentoring:
      • Personal assistance to develop the desired skills at the optimum level
      • Right coaching and mentoring on a real-time basis
  • Feedback and Monitoring:
      • Develop the competency framework to provide real-time data about the development
      • Regular Assessment or Online Assessment also offered based on training as per the company requirement
      • Collecting feedback and data to measure effectiveness and design follow up intervention programs

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