In December 2011, Tata Institute of Social Sciences set up the School of Vocational Education (SVE) to provide immediate and definite interventions to enhance the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalized youth, especially who are excluded by the formal school education system through appropriate vocational education programmes. it's been found out with a vision of making an ecosystem that might bring back the dignity of labour for blue collar streams of labour and make sustainable sources of income. This project has been initiated under the aegis of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) proposed by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

Introduction and Course Objectives

The Java programing language may be a true object-oriented (OO) programing language. the most association of this statement is that so as to write down programs, you want to work within its object-oriented structure. "Since 1995, Sun Microsystems has released seven major revisions of the Java Development Kit.

Java is that the hottest platform independent and Object Oriented Language. It provides perfect platform to develop windows and web application with flexibility that these programs are often executed with any OS. The Java programing language may be a modern, evolutionary computing language that mixes a chic language design with powerful structures that were previously available predominantly in specialty languages. Core Java means core components of Java programing language additionally to the core language components; Java platform software distributions include many powerful, supporting software libraries for tasks like database, network, and graphical interface (GUI) programming. This course gradually starts with the introduction of basic programming concepts and carries on later with the programming features of core Java programing language. This course provides core java training consistent with the present requirement of IT industry.

Eligibility for Admission

The candidate should pass 10+2 in any discipline

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